About Literacy to You

Literacy to You  is an online professional learning and development programme for teachers of middle years students (ages 8-13). The programme comprises 3 modules to improve classroom practice and increase students’ literacy achievement.

The modules are:

  • The literacy challenge in the middle years of schooling
  • How to meet the literacy challenge in the middle years of schooling: Comprehension skills and strategies
  • Teaching comprehension strategies using a metacognitive model

Each module includes:

  • Topics: theory, lesson examples and videos to explain skills and strategies
  • Activities: learning is applied through classroom practice and participation in the online community
  • Reflection: social networking tools are used to reflect, summarise, or give feedback on what participants have understood or learned.

During the programme there are two scheduled webinars to support learning and to connect with other participants and the facilitator.


To find out more: Overview map (PDF, 217kb)