Self-paced learning

Literacy to You  is delivered by a blended e-Learning framework combining theoretical learning, classroom practice and regular online activity.

The Literacy to You  programme is a structured learning environment of self-paced modules. Each module includes:

  • Topics: theory, lesson examples and videos to explain skills and strategies
  • Activities: learning is applied through classroom practice and participation in the online community
  • Reflection: social networking tools are used to reflect, summarise, and give feedback on participants learning and understanding.

To find out more: Overview map (PDF, 217kb)

Throughout the programme Literacy to You  facilitators will provide:

  • provide online support and individual feedback for the duration of the course
  • support for participants to develop the theoretical understandings and effective practice of teaching comprehension strategies and skills.

Why blended learning?

The blended learning model has been developed by the thinking and early research of CORE Director Derek Wenmoth.

Blended learning approaches provide a number of advantages over traditional mono-environmental approaches including:

  • Flexibility: learners can participate in ways that suit their needs and learning preferences.
  • Access: opportunities for learning are not constrained by conditions of place and time, thus increasing access to learning for those who may have previously been excluded.
  • Scalability: with increased flexibility and access, programmes can cater for greater numbers of people and are not limited by the physical constraints of place and availability of facilitators.
  • Cost effectiveness: blended learning approaches reduce costs of face-to-face provision such as time and travel.
  • Improved pedagogy: increased opportunities for communication, collaboration, feedback, participation, contribution and interactivity.